1. Ted Mack & The Original Amateur Hour - (1948-1970)*

    Színészek: Cast Ted Mack* - host More*: Ted Mack* & The Original Amateur Hour Cast* » Comedy ... #### - ####: CBS A direct descendant of radio's "Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  2. Amateur's Guide To Love - (1972-1972)*

    Színészek: Cast Kenny Williams* - Announcer Gene Rayburn* - Host More*: Amateur's Guide To Love Cast* » Game Shows ... Airs Next: CBS at Weekdays 4:00 PM (30 min.) Status: Ended Premiered: March 27, 1972 Last Aired: June 23, 1972 Show Category: Game Shows non ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  3. Surf Girls - (2003-2003)*

    Színészek: Cast Lauren* - (short boarder*) 22-year*-old college student*/shooter girl from Surfside*, California*. Dropped out after 3rd episode*. Jen* - THE WINNER* (short boarder*) 24-year*-old college student*/waitress from Kailua*, Hawaii*. Robyn* - (short boarder*) 20-year*-old waitress from West Palm Beach*, Florida*. Vivian* - (long boarder*) 22-year*-old DMS controller from New Milford*, New Jersey*. Bonnie* - (short boarder*) 18-year*-old college student* / retailer from Glendora*, California*. Eliminated in the 3rd episode*. Neva* - (short boarder*) 19-year*-old resteraunt hostess from Rincon*, Puerto Rico*. Dropped out after 2nd episode*. Heidi Drazich* - (short boarder*) 19-year*-old member of the Roxy Amateur Team from Cocoa Beach*, Florida*. For more information on Heidi*, please vis April Grover* - (long boarder*) 20-year*-old college student* / surf shop retailer from Melbourne Beach*, Florida*. Danielle Beck* - Surf Girls Team Manager Aimee Vogelgesang* - (long boarder*) 18-year*-old college student* / smoothie girl from Kailua*, Hawaii*. Dropped out after 2nd episode due to family emer More*: Surf Girls Cast* » Reality ... Airs Next: MTV at Monday 10:30 PM (30 min.) Status: Ended Premiered: May 12, 2003 Last Aired: July 7, 2003 Show Category: Reality After a na ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  4. Amateurs (1986)*

    1986 - IMDB.COM - Tárolt lap