1. The New Mickey Mouse Club - (1977-1977)*

    Színészek: Cast Allison Fonte* - Mouseketeer Julie Piekarski* - Mouseketeer Lisa Whelchel* - Mouseketeer Mindy Feldman* - Mouseketeer Kelly Parsons* - Mouseketeer Shawntee Northcutte* - Mouseketeer Nita DiGiampaolo* - Mouseketeer Angel Florez* - Mouseketeer Todd Turquand* - Mouseketeer Scott Craig* - Mouseketeer More*: The New Mickey Mouse Club Cast* » ... "Mickey Mouse Club" episodes to syndicated television. They were so well ... bring back the show as The New Mickey Mouse Club, starting in January ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap

  3. Angelina Ballerina - (2002-2003)*

    Színészek: Cast Judi Dench* - Miss Lilly* (photos*) Adrienne Posta* - Grandma Finty Williams* - Angelina Mouseling* / Mrs*. Hodgepodge Jo Wyatt* - Alice* / Henry* / Sammy* / Priscilla Pinkpaws Keith Wickham* - Mr*. Maurice Mouseling* / Grandpa Jonell Elliot* - Mrs*. Matilda Mouseling* / Penelope Pinkpaws More*: Angelina Ballerina Cast* » ... , Angelina Ballerina features Angelina Mouseling, a bold little mouse with big dreams - she hopes to become the greatest ballerina in Mouseland ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  4. The Country Mouse & the City Mouse Adventures - (1998-1999)*

    Színészek: Cast Terrence Scammell* - Alexander*, the city mouse Rick Jones* - No Tail No Good Michael O'Reilly* - Monet Julie Burroughs* - Emily*, the country mouse More*: The Country Mouse* & the City Mouse Adventures Cast* » ... , Children Travel along with Emily, the very smart country mouse with her polite cousin, Alexander, the City Mouse to different places ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  5. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - (2006-)*

    Színészek: Cast Tress MacNeille* - Daisy Duck*, Chip and Dale Tony Anselmo* - Donald Duck Bill Farmer* - Goofy and Pluto Russi Taylor* - Minnie Mouse Wayne Allwine* - Mickey Mouse Corey Burton* - Professor Ludwig Von Drake April Winchell* - Clarabelle Cow Jim Cummings* - Pegleg Pete Will Ryan* - Willie the Giant Frank Welker* - Figaro the Kitten More*: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cast* » ... Official Site: Official Site More Photos Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is ... feature the "Sensational Six." Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  6. The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle and Jeckle - (1979-1982)*

    Színészek: Cast Alan Oppenheimer* - voice of Mighty Mouse*/Oil Can Harry Diane Pershing* - voice of Pearl Pureheart Frank Welker* - voice of Heckle*/Jeckle*/Quacula Norm Prescott* - voice of Theodore H*. Bear More*: The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle and Jeckle Cast* » Animation ... ' two biggest cartoon stars, Mighty Mouse and Heckle and Jeckle. The Mighty Mouse episodes were atypical, except the violence inherent in ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  7. Danger Mouse - (1981-1992)*

    Színészek: Cast David Jason* - Danger Mouse* , Count Duckula* , The Narrator*("Isenbahd*"), Nero Edward Kelsey* - Colonel K* / Baron Greenback* / Professor Squawkencluck William Franklyn* - Voice Of Dangermouse*(Pilot Episode Only*) Jimmy Hibbert* - Doctor Crumhorn*/President*(USA*) Terry Scott* - Ernest Penfold*/Leatherhead Brian Trueman* - Stiletto More*: Danger Mouse Cast* » ... Danger Mouse is about a cartoon mouse being a secret agent and living ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  8. 12 oz. Mouse - (2005-2006)*

    Színészek: Cast Nick Gianopoulos* - Eyeball Nick Whynfeld* - Peanut Cop Matt Maiellaro* - Mouse* 'Fitz*' Fitzgerald* (photos*) Adam Reed* (I*) - Shark Dave Willis* - Rhoda* (photos*) Matt Harrigan* - Liquor Vishal Roney* - Golden Joe Bonnie Rosmarin* - Man WoMan Kurt Soccolich* - Rectangular Business Man More*: 12 oz*. Mouse Cast* » Comedy ... , The Brak Show, and Space Ghost comes 12 oz. Mouse, the story of a drunk mouse named Mouse Fitzgerald. He used to work for a secret government ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  9. Disney's House of Mouse - (2001-2002)*

    Színészek: Cast Jason Marsden* - Voice of Max Goof Frank Welker* - Voices of Gus Goose*, Additional Voices Corey Burton* - Voices of Narrator*, Ludwig Von Drake*, Additional Voices Jim Cummings* - Voices of Pegleg Pete*, Additional Voices April Winchell* - Voices of Clarabelle Cow*, Additional Voices Tress MacNeille* - Voices of Daisy Duck*, Chip* 'n*' Dale*, Additional Voices Russi Taylor* - Voices of Minnie Mouse*, Clara Cluck*, Additional Voices Bill Farmer* - Voices of Goofy*, Pluto*, Horace Horsecollar*, Additional Voices Wayne Allwine* - Voice of Mickey Mouse Tony Anselmo* - Voices of Donald Duck*, Huey*, Dewey and Louie More*: Disney's House of Mouse Cast* » Comedy ... : Animation , Comedy , Action/Adventure , Children House Of Mouse is the former but even better Mickey Mouse Works. "House of Mouse" is a nightclub ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  10. Mickey Mouse Works - (1999-2000)*

    Színészek: Cast Clyde Kusatsu* - Additional Voices Tress MacNeille* - Daisy Duck* / Chip* 'n*' Dale Jim Cummings* - Pete*/ Humphrey the Bear*/ Zeke*/ Additional Voices Alan Young* - Scrooge McDuck Maurice LaMarche* - Mortimer Mouse April Winchell* - Clarabelle Cow Corey Burton* - Ludwig Von Drake*/ Chief O'Hara*, Ranger J*. Audubon Woodlore*, Narrator*, Additional Voices Tony Anselmo* - Donald Duck* / Huey* / Dewey* / Louie Wayne Allwine* - Mickey Mouse Bill Farmer* - Goofy* / Pluto* / Horace Horsecollar More*: Mickey Mouse Works Cast* » ... featuring the classic Disney characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap