1. Tales of the Texas Rangers - (1955-1958)*

    Színészek: Cast Harry Lauter* - Texas Ranger Clay Morgan Willard Parker* - Texas Ranger Jace Pearson More*: Tales of the Texas Rangers Cast* » Action/Adventure ... : Action/Adventure Each week our rangers would be in a different time setting ... appropriate to each era. We effectively got a view of the Texas Rangers ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  2. Space Rangers - (1993-1993)*

    Színészek: Cast Jack McGee* - 'Doc*' Kreuger* (photos*) Clint Howard* - Mimmer Cary*-Hiroyuki Tagawa* - Zylyn Jeff Kaake* - Captain John Boon Linda Hunt* - Commander Chennault Danny Quinn* - Daniel Kincaid Gottfried John* - Colonel Erik Weiss Marjorie Monaghan* - Jojo Thorsen More*: Space Rangers Cast* » ... frontier is the responsibility of the Space Rangers. Fort Hope's best ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  3. Power Rangers - (1993-)*

    Színészek: Cast Jason David Frank* - Tommy Oliver*, Green Ranger*; White Ranger* [MMPR*]; Red Zeo Ranger* [PRZ*]; Red Turbo Ranger* [PRT*]; Black Dino Ranger* [PRDT*] Jason Chan* - Cam Watanabe*, Green Samurai Ranger* [PRNS*] Ron Roggé* - Captain William Mitchell* [PRLR*] Tom Hern* - Devin Del Valle* [PRDT*] Jack Guzman* - Danny Delgado*, Black Wild Force Ranger* [PRWF*] Alison MacInnis* - Dana Mitchell*, Pink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger* [PRLR*] Sean Cw Johnson* - Carter Grayson*, Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger* [PRLR*] Reggie Rolle* - Damon Henderson*, Green Lost Galaxy Ranger* [PRLG*] Ria Vandervis* - Miratrix* [PROO*] Monica May* - Elizabeth* "Z*" Delgado*, Yellow S.P.D. Ranger* [PRSPD*] More*: Power Rangers Cast* » ... , Children This guide covers all POWER RANGERS seasons, and seasonal rename ... Morphin' Power Rangers: Season 1 (93-94) An interdimensional being named ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  4. The Reading Rangers - (2002-2005)*

    Színészek: Cast Milton Barnes* - Ranger Milt*, Buford Phil McCordic* - Ranger Phil*, Doc*, Eeeny*, Zachary Jackie English* - Ranger Jackie*, Stranger Gisele Corinthios* - Ranger Gisele*, The Mayor*, Hermione Julie Patterson* - Ranger Julie*, Tiny Nicole Stamp* - Ranger Nicole*, Uni The Goon Patricia Sullivan* - Ranger Patty*, Abel Johnson*, Teeeny Julie Zwillich* - Ranger Julie*, The Librarian*, Meeeny Mark Sykes* - Ranger Mark*, Dack Ransom More*: The Reading Rangers Cast* » Children ... Rangers is a show about a group of cowboy rangers who are sworn to protect ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  5. Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers - (1953-1954)*

    Színészek: Cast Jack Weston* - Ranger Wilbur Wormser Cliff Robertson* - Ranger Rod Brown Bruce Hall* - Ranger Frank Boyd John Boruff* - Commander Swift More*: Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers Cast* » ... This childrens Sci-Fi show featured a team of Rocket Rangers (galactic ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  6. The Forest Rangers - (1963-1966)*

    Színészek: Cast Graydon Gould* - George Keeley Rex Hagon* - Peter Keeley Gordon Pinsent* - Sgt*. Scott Michael Zenon* - Joe Two Rivers Susan Conway* (II*) - Kathy Ralph Endersby* - Chub Stanley Peter Tully* - Mike Forbes Syme Jago* - Gaby La Rouche Matthew Ferguson* (II*) - Danny Bailey More*: The Forest Rangers Cast* » ... Forest Rangers was a mid 60's show that ran on the CBC for three seaons ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  7. High Mountain Rangers - (1988-1988)*

    Színészek: Cast Robert Conrad* - Jesse Hawkes Christian R*. Conrad* - Matt Hawkes Shane Conrad* - Cody Hawkes Med Flory* - Sheriff Mike McBride Robyn Peterson* - Jackie Hawkes Tony Acierto* - Frank Avila Eugene Williams* - Tim Hart P.A. Christian* - Robin Kelly Timothy Erwin* - Ranger Izzy Flowers Russell Todd* - Jim Cutler More*: High Mountain Rangers Cast* » Action/Adventure ... /Adventure High Mountain Rangers is a show about a group of highly trained ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  8. Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers - (1989-1993)*

    Színészek: Cast Tress MacNeille* - Chip* & Gadget Jim Cummings* - Monterey Jack*, Professor Norton Nimbul*, Fat Cat*, Sergeant Spinelli*, Wart*, Stan*, Blather Peter Cullen* - Officer Kirby*/ Officer Muldoon*/ Mepps Corey Burton* - Dale*, Zipper*, Mole*, Snout More*: Chip* 'N Dale Rescue Rangers Cast* » ... , Animation Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers was mainly about Chip and Dale's ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  9. Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers - (2002-2002)*

    Színészek: Cast Dylan Neal* - David Martel* (photos*) Mackenzie Gray* - Minister Kafta* (photos*) Andreas Katsulas* - G'Kar Andrew Kavadas* - Captain Gregg Enid*-Raye Adams* - Firell Alex Zahara* - Dulann Dean Marshall* - Malcolm Bridges Myriam Sirois* - Sarah Cantrell David Storch* - Tafeek Gus Lynch* - Tirk More*: Babylon 5*: The Legend of the Rangers Cast* » ... series. The show follows a new group of Rangers, a captain with ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap
  10. Captain Video And His Video Rangers - (1949-1955)*

    Színészek: Cast Wright King* - Midshipman Bascomb Don Hastings* - The Video Ranger Richard Coogan* - Captain Video* (####-####) Earl Hammond* - Forbes Al Hodge* - Captain Video Ben Lackland* - Commissioner Carey* (####-####) Hal Konklin* - Dr Pauli* (####-####) Bram Nossem* - Dr Pauli* (1949*) Fred Scott* (IV*) - Anouncer Jack Orsen* - Commissioner Carey* (#### - ####) More*: Captain Video And His Video Rangers Cast* » ... Rangers, act as peacekeepers to a futuristic society. Their nemesis ... TV.COM - Tárolt lap